The Startup

What's up everybody!  The Bushwak team would like to welcome you to our new site and appreciate everybody supporting the company.   Being that it is our first official blog post, I want to give a little background of our creation and how this whole idea came about.  Growing up, we have always been enthusiasts of the outdoors and all the great and beautiful things that come along with it.  It has always given us a sense of freedom and pride along with the ability to think big and be creative. Coming from the Northeast,  we have always been lucky to watch all 4 seasons come and go.  From the humid summer,  the beautiful foliage of fall, the long winters, and the renewed feeling of spring, we've been lucky enough to get a full taste of each season at its best and have always felt it was a privilege.  Being the enthusiasts we are, we started to think of a product we could bring to the public eye that would bring us closer to like minded individuals who also have a love for the outdoors.   As our team sat around a table one night, the subject of an outdoor lifestyle brand came into mind.  The more and more we talked about it and put together our ideas, the more the pieces came together.  Leather gloves seemed like it was the perfect fit.  Our goal is to bring the outdoor community a product that they can use during the everyday adventure whether it is riding your bike on a chilly day or doing some hard physical labor like collecting the winter firewood.  We want to be there at all times and thats why Bushwak strives to bring you a glove for every season. We will be the brand YOU think of when your ready for your next adventure.